Thursday, March 18, 2010

Memories of South Carolina

1. Getting lost in the dark, trying to find my way to our new home in a very dimly-lit part of town, and Jeff having to walk to the corner to help me.

2. Meeting my first giant cockroach, and all his friends. Yuck.

3. Going to the wrong ward for 3 months, then finding out where we were supposed to be, right in time to escape a calling to the nursery. Bwa ha ha.

4. The horrible, horrible parking at the OB.

5. Katelyn's birth.

6. Taking a boat ride around Cypress Gardens, keeping an eye out for alligators.

7. Making a backdrop for Christmas pictures out of a sheet and paper snowflakes, then trying to get one good picture without Katelyn falling over or Jeffy running away.

8. Being told I'm a "local hero" for being a Navy wife.

9. Finishing Jeffy's Fred Flintstone costume about 5 minutes before we left for the Trunk-or-Treat.

10. Going crazy making bows and buying clothes as soon as we found out Katelyn would be a girl.

11. Poor Jeffy getting his legs, then arms bit to pieces by vicious bugs.

12. The too-frequent smell of port-a-potties outside.

13. Taking the kids to Cici's pizza, and Jeffy having weird diaper malfunctions and peeing all over the floor.

14. Finding my Christmas present early.

15. Playgroup with friends and their cute kids.

16. Jeffy running laps around the sprinklers at Wannamaker Park.

17. Shoving my eight-month-pregnant body, a squirmy Jeffy and a stuffed diaper bag into the tiny seat of a foot pedal boat.

18. Having fun, but being miserable at Navy Short Stay Beach at 37 weeks along.

19. Having both mine and Jeff's mom come to visit after Katelyn's birth.

20. Jeffy wiping frosting all over his new Christmas outfit five minutes before leaving for church, then having a breakdown while talking about it in my Relief Society lesson.

21. Getting three birthday cakes, having a night out at the movies with Jeff, and coming home to a clean kitchen for my 26th birthday.

22. Our one trip to the pool on the 4th of July, where Jeffy almost drowned twice.

23. Our trip from hell trying to get to Virginia for Christmas. It took three days, where it just should taken 8 hours.

24. Putting up lights and decorations and listening to Christmas music, even though it didn't feel like Christmas at 75 degrees outside.

25. Buying our van and getting South Carolina plates.

26. Filling up dozens of 2-liter soda bottles to have a supply for our Emergency Hurricane
Readiness Kit.

27. Listening for the mailman everyday.

28. Jeff's Birthday BBQ with friends, fun, food, Guitar Hero, and lots of cookies.

29. Running a chocolate chip cookie bakery out of my kitchen.

30. Papa John's horrible customer service multiple times in a row and vowing never to order from them again.

31. Our Papa Murphy's phase following #30.

32. Jeffy flipping out at Music Time in Nursery.

33. Katelyn's first smile, rolling over, and baby food.

34. Hanging out in the back of the Chinese Restaurant with family, mom, and 1-week-old baby.

35. Jeffy having cotton candy for the first time at the Freedom Fest.

36. Picnics at Marrington Plantation.

37. Jeff perfecting his homemade popcorn recipe.

38. Jeff guessing his Christmas present, being unable to hide his disappointment, then actually loving it after trying it.

39. Walking around the neighborhood for hours on end trying to induce labor.

40. Discovering netflix instant streaming.

41. Catching a nasty spider in a glass, then running away to the mall play place because I was too grossed out and scared to do anything else.

42. Jeffy taking his birthday present basketball everywhere with him, even bed.

43. Making Katelyn's coming home dress.

44. Going to McDonalds' many more times than we should have.

45. Baking my first homemade bread.

46. Getting totally lost on our first trip to church.

47. Jeffy throwing his birthday cake/container, and totally smashing it.

48. Going to the House of Bounce with Amber and kids.

49. Jeff getting a grill for Father's Day and perfecting his steak-grilling abilities.

50. Taking Jeffy to the doctor to get a sponge pulled out of his nose that had been there for two weeks.

Man, I loved making this list! We've had a lot of good times here, along with some hard times, and times that tested us. But, overall, we've enjoyed our time here and the adventures we've had. Here's to just as many adventures in our next state--good old New York!

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