Friday, October 24, 2008

A Tag About the Crazy Eights or Something


8 Favorite TV Shows:
Imagination Movers
Little Einsteins
Handy Manny
America's Funniest Videos
My Friends Tigger and Pooh
Phineas and Ferb
(Can you tell I'm a mom of a young kid?)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
Olive Garden
Pizza Hut
Jack in the Box
In 'N Out
Frontier Pies
South of the Border
Mom and Pop's burger joints

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
Changed diapers
Made biscuits
Cleaned bedroom
Wanted more babies
Played piano
Made bottles
Thought about Christmas shopping

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
Having a baby girl someday and dressing her up all pretty
Settling into Charleston
Planning my first Christmas with a kid
Dressing Jeffy up as a puppy for Halloween
Going to Rexburg to see friends for the last time before the Navy takes over our lives
Going out with just my hubby hopefully sometime soon
Warm weather again
Making my siblings' Christmas presents

8 Things On My Wish List
Kitchen Aid
Awesome bamboo bread board
Smaller waist
Kids without labor and delivery
Long hair
My own house
My family to live closer
A car that never died

8 People I Tag
Yeah right, I can't keep tagging the same people. I tag 2 people: Sam Taylor and Kimi Pieper (start a blog already!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Catch Up!

It's been a while, so I have a lot of catch up to do. Here goes:


My parents came to UT to celebrate my sister's surprise graduation from BYU. I have three sisters in Provo and it was really fun to get together with them and my parents and hang out. I wish I had more pictures from their visit, but Jeffy was keeping me pretty busy.

This is a picture from BYU's Homecoming Spectacular show (most of which I spent in the hall). I love Jeffy's expression. It seems to be more and more common in pictures.

Jeff and I went on a picnic and took Jeffy to a park and we had a great time! This was Jeffy's first time on a swing and he really liked it. I put him in the swing and he kind of fell forward in it enough that we could have fit another whole kid in the back facing the other direction. So funny!
Ok, the reason that his pants are undone is because he got too big for them suddenly and constantly split open. Hee hee.

Not a great video. We didn't have the regular video camera with us, so this is from my digital camera. It's still funny, though!


This is Jeffy's 3rd or 4th haircut (enough that I've lost track!) and this one was big. I cut a lot off and it's a lot shorter. He looks so handsome, even though he was super cute before!! :)


After. (Look, can you see his two teeth, too?)


Gramma got Jeffy a super cute little suit. Isn't he dapper?

I love his hair. It does this little mohawk thing in the front naturally, and it's so cute!

Notice his awesome little shoes!

Yes, that's a box of nerds in his hands. And yes, he did get it open eventually. Whoops.

By the way, he's wearing AB/CD socks. (Baby version of AC/DC.)

He's getting to be such a big boy!

And that's it from the Davis clan for now!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cute Pictures

Just a few pictures of my little man.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Purse Giveaway!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Recent Adventures

We've had quite a few adventures since my last post.

Jeff and I went to his mission reunion the Friday before Conference, like so many others. There were a few other kids there, and Jeffy was really excited to play with them. Unfortunately, he's kind of big and clumsy and doesn't really understand how to play yet. There were two little kids specifically, that he was interested in. One was a year and a half, and the other was two, but Jeffy was significantly bigger than both of them. The younger one would crawl over to Jeffy and sit by him, but then Jeffy would get over-excited, grab onto their heads to give them a kiss, then lose his balance, fall over and bring the other kid with him. This happened with both kids, but the younger one hit his head kind of hard on the floor. I felt bad. My kid's a bully without even meaning to! From then on, anytime Jeffy would get close to another kid, I'd rush over and keep him from pounding on them. He's a little handful! Of course, Jeff thought it was hilarious and took pleasure in the fact that his boy is so much bigger than the others. The alpha male in him loved it. Silly boys.

Then Emily, Gary, and Clara came to visit for the weekend and Jeffy had the tables turned on him. Clara is just about 15 months old, and smaller than Jeffy of course, but she wasn't going to take any abuse from him. He did knock her over once in the above fashion, but once was enough. Anytime Jeffy got close to her, looking too playful, Clara would yell at him. By the end of the weekend, Jeffy didn't really have any pleasant feelings toward her, and would cry anytime she got too close. Clara's a very vocal little girl, and can get very fussy, and sometimes this would really scare Jeffy. So, he may have beaten up some kids on Friday, but fate came full circle and got him on Saturday.

Conference was great, as usual. I really enjoyed all the sessions, except Sunday afternoon. I fell asleep, and didn't even realize it until I woke up after it was over. I felt bad.

Then Sunday brought another great surprise--bunnies!! Jeff's dad went for a drive, and saw some bunnies on the side of the road. By bunnies, I don't mean wild jack rabbits or anything, but actual domestic bunnies. A white and black speckled one just let him pick her up, then he chased a white one and caught it, and a black one got away. Jeff went back out with him, and they found another white one, but not the black one. Today they put up flyers, but we think they were abandoned. As of right now, the plan is to keep them. They're in the pen outside that the dogs stayed in until the fence was done. The girl white one is named Snowball, after the guinea pig I had when I was little. The boy white one is Maverick because he has a little gray M on the tip of his nose. The big black and white speckled one is still unnamed, but I'm thinking Bunny, the name my littles brother called me before he could say Bethany, or Beatrix, after Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit. We'll see. I'm so excited!! I love bunnies! We wanted to get one our first summer married, but the apartment complex wouldn't let us. They allowed cats, but not bunnies. Retarded. Anyways, we have bunnies! Bunny/Beatrix let me hold her right away, and Snowball let me after a little coaxing. I haven't held Maverick yet. He's too fast. They sure are cute!!
This is Bunny/Beatrix.
This is Snowball hiding in her house. Maverick was hiding in some sage, so I couldn't get a picture of him.

So, that's what we've been up to. This weekend my parents are coming to celebrate Kimi's graduation. I'm excited to see them and hang out with everyone. Good times coming! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008


The awesome Hilary tagged me, so I must obey! :) The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Mention these rules on your blog. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yourself and tag 6 fellow bloggers.

1. I count things. Example: I count the number of strokes in a word, and if it doesn't come out to a number I like (mostly evens, and multiples of five), I figure out a way to fix it. Sometimes it's for a single word; sometimes it's for an entire phrase or sentence. I like the way my name turned out: Bethany Lyn Davis- a perfect 30 strokes. Booyah!

2. I HATE the sound of brushing teeth. Any toothpaste commercial on tv makes me cringe. I think this is similar to how some people react to fingernails down a chalkboard. Electric brushes are barely acceptable, but if there's someone near me using a manual, I have to get out!!

3. I love meat. Jeff took me out to eat once before we were engaged, and I got soup because I wasn't feeling well. Jeff's roommates were like "Oh no, she's a soup and salad girl!" But, I redeemed myself when they found out my favorite pizza is meat lovers. Really, if you look at me, there's no way any logical person would think I was a salad girl. :)

4. TV is a real weakness for me. We never had tv growing up, so I thought it was the coolest thing when I got to college. I try not to turn it on, but if I do, I really have to work hard to pull myself away. We've decided that when we get a place of our own, we're not going to have TV. I think this will make me a better mom.

5. I've never been stung by a bee, wasp, or any other flying stinging/biting thing.

6. I've only had my hair professionally cut 3 or 4 times. When I was little, my mom did it, and I took over as soon as I could. I've gotten a lot better over the years, and I'd rather be mad at myself for a bad cut, then irate at someone else.

I'm tagging people I haven't seen blogging in a while in hopes of getting an update! I officially tag Amanda Hatch, Eden Howard, Faith Sieler, Aileen Brower, Emily Freeman, and Samantha Goodrich.