Monday, March 16, 2009

Bethany's Wild Side

I was a pretty well-behaved child in grade school. There was only one time I remember actually getting in trouble for something.

It was around 2nd grade. Anyone remember those hair ties that had the plastic balls on two ends? I had discovered that those could bounce off tile floor if you dropped them just right. This fascinated me and I forgot to be well-behaved and bounced and bounced that little hair thingy off the floor like there was no tomorrow. Teacher didn't like that.

Later that day I decided I was sick of doing math and Teacher caught me reading Charlotte's Web instead of doing my math problems. Not indicative of my future at all! (that was supposed to be sarcastic).

Anyways, I lost my recess that day for my rebellion. I guess I shaped up, because I never lost a recess again. But I still don't regret choosing a book over math.


Anonymous said...

Rebel without a cause! I was much the same way in school... I never really got into trouble. Jordan on the other hand... haha.

I really like the new blog format, Bethany! It's fun to read and I can tell you are having a blast writing, too. Keep it up, I really enjoy it! :)

Megan Marie said...

you wild child.

Natalie P said...

gosh bethany you're such a troublemaker! :)

rodprice said...

Math is good. It's good for the soul. All mathematicians will go to heaven. (!!)