Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stairs: Jeffy's New Best Friend

Jeffy's newest favorite activity is throwing things down the stairs. He always loved to throw any and all balls he could find and watch them bounce down, but lately he's been branching out.

Things we picked up from the bottom of the stairs on Monday:
5 pairs of shoes
12 tupperware containers
3 tupperware lids
6 balls of varying sizes
5 miscellaneous small toys
1 water bottle
2 sippy cups
4 pairs of his pants
3 shirts
And that was all in a matter of about 2 hours.

Anything he could fit through, under, or over the gate, he threw. And he would get really frustrated if something didn't fit. Finally we got tired of going up and down the stairs to find anything we needed, so we tried to cover the gate and the railings. We put blankets up over the side railings, and put a big piece of plywood covered in material up over the gate. So far so good. We were even able to take down the wood, and just use a blanket and he hasn't thrown anything over in a while. Silly kid.

On another note, he's babbling more and more and some of it is actually starting to make sense. I've been working with him on "hi da da" to say to Jeff when we see him. Yesterday Jeff got to call us, and Jeffy said it to him perfectly! I was so excited, and Jeff was too. He's getting very good a mimicking sounds he hears. At church on Sunday, a little girl pointed to a picture on the wall and said "Jesus" and Jeffy said "Jesus" right back to her. It was clear as a bell. Most of the things he says aren't real words, but he is talking all the time. It's really cute.

He's also discovered he loves cat food. Previously it was kept in a container by the back door, but Jeffy figured out how to open it and grabbed a big handful and started eating it. His face lit up and he chowed down. Every time I took it away from him and put it back, he would go right for it again and he even figured how to get the whole lid off, even when I taped it with packing tape. He was determined to get into that yummy stuff. He really liked it. I finally gave up and moved the whole container onto the kitchen table until we found a new home for it. I haven't seen him that excited over a food since we introduced bananas! I had to pry the last few pieces out of his little clenched fists!

He's getting some shots this Friday. It's been a while since his last shots, so I'm not sure how it will go. But right now he's healthy and mostly happy and that's all I could really wish for.


Hilary said...

Congratulations on the new baby under construction!! When are you due?? How are you feeling?

Adam, Sarah, Kevin, Aaron and Baby 3 said...

Love the catfood story. That is hilarious.

And what is this about Hilary's comment, are you expecting Bethany?? Will jeffy be a big Brother??

Adam, Sarah, Kevin, Aaron and Baby 3 said...

Oh just found it in your side bar about you guys. Sneaky... CONGRATS!! I am so excited for you guys. So when do you think you will find out the gender or will you??