Friday, January 22, 2010


Jeffy's Two Years Old Statistics
Height: 35 3/4 inches - 75-90 %
Weight: 32 lbs 8 oz - 75-90 %
Head Circumference: 52.5 cm - off the charts (like 150% or something)

Katelyn's Four Months Old Statistics
Height: 25 inches - 50-75 %
Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz - 75 - 90 %
Head Circumference: 42.5 cm - 75-90%

Conclusion: Jeffy has a ginormous head. No surprise there. Katelyn has gotten bigger. She was born at exactly 50% and stayed at that percentile for a while, and now is a little heftier.

Shots weren't too bad. Katelyn did great; she cried only for a moment or so. Jeffy had to get a few too and he did ok as well. It sure was a long appointment though-- 2 kids at once!

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The Hatch Family said...

Wow kids grow fast don't they? I need to take my kiddos in sometime soon!
We don't know what Jared's MOS is until March or April. Right now he is interested in Ground Intel or Artillary. With Ground Intel, he would be working with the Snipers.
I have been thinking we should have a "meet in the middle" day sometime. I told Jared that ya'll were in Charleston and he got really excited! He has always wanted to go there, so we might visit sometime too! Oh the joys of Military life! I love it so much!