Saturday, January 30, 2010


Jeff and I went to Avatar last night in celebration of my birthday. My awesome friend, Bridgette, watched the kids for us (that's a separate, amazing story on its own!!) and we had a great time. We bought our tickets online, so didn't have to worry about that. We got to the theater 1/2 hour early, like they recommended, and were glad we did. The show was sold out and every seat was full! But, we got great seats. We stopped at Walgreens on our way out and stocked my purse full of treats and got soda and popcorn there. Hey, we only go to the movies 2xs a year, so may as well go all out, right? :) The glasses weren't too bad and we had a lot of fun together.

Now for my movie review. I was impressed with the quality of effects--everything looked very real, avatars included. I really liked the main guy, Jake, and the main lady avatar, though I can't remember her name. I liked their performances and just them in general.

I thought the story was fine--the quintessential big bad boys try to take over the small, naive natives for monetary gain. Nothing new, but a nice classic.

I didn't love it and I'm not going to go join any fan club. I just hate violence. And I especially hate evil people. They really piss me off. I found the individual sacrifices of the story a little redeeming. I was glad that there were still a few good people who would sacrifice themselves to try to protect innocence.

It was a fun evening and the best part was just being out with my sweetheart, holding hands. These days, they're usually too full of kids! :)


Nate&Sam said...

I agree. I feel that the effects, the plot etc were good. I like it but it really is not my favorite movie.

Oh I am glad you had a fun birthday...

Natalie said...

I totally agree about violence and evil people. It just makes me sick to think that people could be that awful to each other! It really gets to me. But it was definitely a beautiful movie to look at!

Glad you got a chance to get away together! :)