Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I think Jeffy is potty trained! Here's what my little man can do:

- stays dry at night!!
- always goes both in his little potty at home
- stays dry on outings and lets me know if he needs to go potty
- uses big potties in public bathrooms
- stays dry during naptimes
- goes just a few times a day instead of a little bit every few minutes
- cleans up after himself

And, if I can just say so, he looks so cute and grown up in his little briefs! :) I'm so proud of him. It took about 2 1/2 weeks. I'm so grateful that it went well. My mom was an invaluable source for me. She potty trained 9 kids, so she knows what to do!

Things I learned:

- Age isn't important, the kids' readiness is. I thought when he turned two that we would try, but it was clear that wasn't going to work. We needed to wait until he was ready. After a couple months of speech therapy, he was able to communicate his needs and wants much more effectively and knew all the potty words, so he was much more ready. I think that's part of why it went so fast!

- Get lots of easy/frozen food so you don't have to cook. Inevitably, when I went into the kitchen to make food was when Jeffy would sneak off and poop in the corner. :) I learned to stay by him almost every minute of the day.

- Schedule to start when you have the least number of obligations. I started on a Thursday, since I wouldn't need to go anywhere till Monday. That was good. I think it would have been too overwhelming for him to try to learn the at-home procedures and the out-of-the-house procedures too quickly.

- Ask for help/advice! There were times I had absolutely no idea what to do, so I asked people. I asked my mom, I asked on facebook, and I got some great help.

- Along that line, trust your gut. You, as the parent, know your kid better than anyone else, so ask for advice, then do what you think is best!

I'm so glad it's over and we all lived through it! :)

And onto the other members of the family:

Katelyn is super cute right now. She loves to do this thing where she backs into you and if she can sit on you, she will, but if she can't she'll just lean her head against you. It's so sweet.

Jeff's almost done with Prototype! He's finished all he can do without doing the watches, and he has to wait a while until the plant is available for him to do so. So he pretty much goes to work and studies. He has done so well and we're all really proud of him. Orders should be coming soon, so we'll know what the next few years of our lives will hold soon! That's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time!

I'm doing well. I'm starting a mommies-to-be class at the Y tonight, and I'm excited!

That's it from the Davises. Peace out.


The Hatch Family said...

That is SO wonderful! Yea!!!

Karalee said...

Congrads on the potty training. Good idea with the frozen food. Maybe I will do what I did when I was pregnant and start freezing meals to have when I potty train Joshua.