Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bekah's 2 Month Stats ... and other stuff

Rebekah had her 2 month check up today, a little late.

I took all three kids. Whew. I really don't enjoy that. I brought the portable dvd player and CARS, which they hadn't seen in a few months, and hoped for the best. It went ok. For most of the time, Jeffy and Katey sat together in a chair and watched it, but there were lots of distractions just asking to be noticed-- a Dora sticker stuck on the floor, a window, a door, other chairs, a baby, a doctor.... Let's just say I was glad when it was all over!

Bekah did great. Here are her stats:

Height: 23 1/4 "
Weight: 12.6 lbs
Head: 16 1/2 "

For both height and weight she's in the 90-95% percentile, which made me glad. With both Jeffy and Katelyn, I supplemented with formula, but Bekah is all breastmilk, and I'm never sure if she's eating enough. But I guess she is. Yay!

She is the cutest thing. She's smiling all the time now, and they're real smiles, not just gas. She has the cutest little voice and makes the cutest little sounds! My favorite time with her is after she's just eaten and is full and happy. She just sits on my lap, looking at me and talking with her little coos and smiles. It makes me so happy! I love her. If I'm having a hard day, all I need are some Bekah smiles and everything is better. She's been holding her head up on her own for a while now and her legs are strong enough to stand with help too. She was sleeping about 7 hours straight at night, but hasn't the last few nights. She is still as blonde as ever, even though some of the hair on top has rubbed off. I love that little blondie. :)

And now for some pictures. Jeffy broke our real camera, and I got a dinky little temporary one so these pictures aren't very good, but at least they're something!

In Jeffy's speech therapy's waiting room.

With the awesome Harry Potter dragon Nana and Papa got him for his b-day.

Back in the waiting room.

Smiles in the swing!

Peeking around at the mall playground.

Kisses from Daddy!

Ridin' on a Saratoga racehorse!

Jeffy too.

I think it's cute when they play together. :)

We tried to go play at the playground yesterday. Whoops. It's hard to play on a playground when there's still a foot of snow on the ground.

Cute little grumpy face in the swing.

Jeffy took this. :)

Cute little snuggly bear.

I love her smiles.


The Hatch Family said...

They are so adorable. Yeah, I heard going out with three kids is pretty tough.

Natalie said...

SO cute!! Love them all!

~Kimi~ said...

Wow. Bekah and Theodore look as different as night and day. She's day, and he's night! I can't wait for these cousins to meet.

debrajo said...

I was about to say how little she was at only 12.5 pounds, and then you said she was in the 90th percentile. Haha! She's still tiny compared to toddler, though. : )

Jessie said...

Bekah sure is a cutie. I love her blonde hair!

Darling header too! :)