Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rebekah's Baby Blessing Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Bekah's blessing. These were the best few, but I uploaded all the ones of the kids into a picasa album. Click on the link below if you're interested in seeing them all.

I was getting her dressed, and she just looked so darn cute in just the bow, socks, and shoes that I had to snap a picture! And it's a great smile too.

My little blondie. :)

Yay! So happy! (and pretty)

Trying to get some shots of the whole gown, but she was done with pictures by this point! Can you tell how beautiful this lace is? My amazing mother-in-law made this gown for Rebekah, and got the lace in Amish country. What a great keepsake for Bekah, eh?

And the shoe picture. Cute!

While everyone looked cute and I had a pseudo backdrop set up, I took a few more pictures of the kids. Here's Jeffy's male model pose. :)

Katey was saying "cheese" over and over again, and I had to try to take the picture at the right time. :)

The best one of all three. Bekah may be crying, but at least she's upright!


Natalie said...

Cute! Your family is adorable!! Jeffy's getting so big! Can't wait until we can all hang out sometime!

Karen said...

I think Rebekah is such a little doll!

S.N.D said...

Bekah is so pretty and she sure knows how to smile for the camera.You have beautiful kids. I wish I could meet them someday.

Wait you said that you are moving to Hawaii for four years? Is that,right?

Bethany said...

Hawaii is one of six places that we could end up. And it's sounding pretty good after five months of snow! :)

Receli said...

so precious!!!

Jenni said...

How wonderful! They look like such little darlings :)