Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Guess I Should Blog

Today I:

Got everybody ready and made it to church on time (miracle!)
Bore my testimony
Paid tithing
Subbed in Nursery
Made a birthday cake!
Made dinner!
And a few other random things.  Yay me. :)


debrajo said...

Way to go! You're super mom! Getting to church with that many kids on time IS a miracle in my book! No one knows how hard it is until they try it, haha! Sometimes I think we Mormon's are a little crazy for trying. But, the gospel must really be true if you have that many mommies and daddies getting their families out the door to the service on a weekly basis. : ) You ROCK!

I hope your flowers showed up, by the way. Happy Anniversary. That's totally fun!

hailey said...

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