Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yesterday was our anniversary! I knew that Jeff had ordered me some flowers, so all day long I waited anxiously for them.  Once the afternoon hit, I went to the flower website to make sure they were actually ordered.  They were and were supposed to be delivered by 4:30.  I waited and waited.

Nothing. :(  They didn't come!

I checked again this morning and now they're in Jacksonville, hopefully to be delivered today.

Good grief, if anything should be delivered on time, flowers are pretty high up on the list.  I was so disappointed!  Hopefully they will come today and be so beautiful it will make up for the fact that they're late.

Edit: The reason this was such a big deal is Jeff was actually deployed at the time, and getting those flowers was the only kind of celebration I was going to get.  So when they were late, I was very disappointed. :)

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