Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beach Trip!

Yay! We've been here over three months and we finally made it to the beach this weekend!

We went to the Naval Short Stay Recreation Area on Lake Moultrie and had a great time. The lake was huge! The best part was that it's for military members only, so it wasn't very crowded and there were lots of free things. We were able to get a nice big umbrella and some beach chairs by showing our ID. Yay!

The sand was super hot and it really felt like my feet burned. Jeffy didn't seem to mind one bit, which I was thankful for. He had a great time! There was lots of shallow water for him to play in and he liked to collect little shells and sticks.

We only stayed for a few hours since that was all my pregnant self could take. But we had a great time and we hope to go back after baby comes and I can enjoy it more. We've been told the water stays pretty warm all year round and that fall is one of the best times to go to the beach. Yay for the south!

~Picture time!~

Jeffy enjoying the sand. Really, the kid loves sand.

Daddy and Jeffy building something . . . .

It was hot.

A hot, tired, pregnant mama and Jeffy before we got a real beach umbrella.

Jeffy put his hat on himself and it turned out like this. Awesome!

Daddy and Jeffy's finished creation.

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