Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just Bethany

I started to feel silly writing on our blog and commenting on others with the name "Jeff and Bethany Davis." Jeff never participates in the blogging and could care less about the whole thing and I am my own person, so why shouldn't I be named just myself?

So I created a new email account and added myself as a new author for our blog. It may seem silly, but I like seeing my name by itself as an author and commentator. I've always liked my name and it just makes more sense to me to admit that when I write or comment, it's just me and Jeff isn't actually contributing over my shoulder. (Come on, you know that's what you thought!)

So here I am! Just Bethany.



Jesse said...

Yeah, Andy is the same... when I ask him what he thinks about the whole blog thing, he always says, "Oh, I like it. It's nice, honey." Riiiiiiiiight. :)

GAY said...

Good going. Keeping your identity and developing your own talents is a challenge when most of your energy is going into being a wife and mother. Remember, you are Bethany first and don't lose her.

Grandma Gay