Sunday, August 2, 2009

This Is The Cold That Never Ends. . . .

Jeffy woke up last night sick again. I guess maybe it's the cold Jeff and I had last week and it just took longer to get him, I don't know. Either way, he's miserable and I feel bad for him. Today was going to be our first day in our new ward (found out we've been going to the wrong one. whoops), but it might be Jeff on his own. Oh well. You do what you can.

I really hope everyone gets well and stays well so when we add a new person to the family it won't be even more stressful! Sigh.

At least we're not all sick this time. Count your blessings.

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Jack said...

Hope you're both healthy and strong very soon, and best wishes in the coming weeks. For some added inspiration and perspective, I invite you to check out this video -- -- about one woman’s “aha moment” when motherhood became real and its meaning clear to her. I think you’ll enjoy it.