Friday, July 16, 2010

Kitchen Check-in

Wondering how I've been doing with my project? Let me sum it up in one sentence:

Today is Friday and my entire house has been clean for 6 days.

If I could insert a sound clip of the Hallelujah Chorus to play right here, I totally would. Yes, it's true. Every room in my house (kitchen included, storage closet excluded :)) is clean and has been for almost a week!

Last week I went a little crazy and found myself in the middle of an organizing frenzy. I went through all the clothes and put them in bins according to gender and size. I rearranged the whole house and probably overdid it moving furniture, but it's so much better now. I organized the toys and put everything that comes in a set into a ziploc bag, so they can only be played with one set at a time. I organized our bedroom and got everything in order there. And then I did the kitchen.

And you probably won't be surprised to know that I put the kitchen off till dead last, just because I dreaded it so much. But when there wasn't really anything else to do, I had to tackle it. And with the help and encouragement of the hubby, we got it done. But, the part I'm most proud of is that I've kept it up. I've been doing dishes every day (YUCK!) and really working hard to maintain it. I am feeling so good!

And I'm feeling more freedom. The kids and I have been out and about doing fun things much more since the house is clean. I don't feel like I have to stay home and clean. I also feel like I can invite people over to our house and be more social, but the best part is that I feel generally happier and more capable as a mom.

It's been great and I'm determined to keep it up. I guess having a very small home is nice in one way!

So the house is clean. Visitors welcome anytime!

As long as you don't look in the garage. ;)


Natalie said...

Yay, good for you! I'm glad that it's making you feel so happy! :) Love ya!

The Hatch Family said...

That is so awesome, way to go!!! It can be so hard to keep a clean home with little ones, but not impossible. You rock:)