Saturday, July 31, 2010

Part Two: The Rest

I really procrastinated finishing our camping story. The house and van and camping stuff aren't all put back together yet, and I guess it just reminds me of that. Bleh.

Anyways, we got there, set everything up, and tried to have dinner. Usually Jeff is amazing at building and maintaining fires, but everything was so wet he had a really hard time getting one going. We had an easy dinner of hot dogs, etc., but we never made it to the s'mores. We thought we had plenty of time for those later.

Well, long story short--

The night wasn't too bad. Katelyn had to cry herself to sleep, but did well after that. Jeffy ended up sleeping on the floor, since he rolls around like a maniac, but he had plenty of blankets, so he was ok too.

In the morning, we could not get a fire started, so my hard work in getting awesome breakfasts prepared went to waste. We were going to have either breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos heated over the fire. Nope, we had cold cereal. Oh well.

We lazed around for a bit, then had some fun. We went to the Sacred Grove, which was the whole point of going. Jeff had some alone time there which he really enjoyed. After that we went to a mom-n-pop burger joint that we had found on our honeymoon. It was fun to go back, but this time around we realized how expensive it actually was. Still fun, though.

Then we went swimming at the campground. That was fun too. It was an overcast day, so not too hot, and the water was kind of cold. Kate still had a great time and loved it, but Jeffy didn't. He clung to either me or Jeff like his life depended on it. We got some ice cream then headed back to our site.

That afternoon it rained and rained and rained. We stayed in the tent and watched movies. When it was finally over, we looked outside and saw that a giant mud puddle had taken over our site. I don't know if I was overly hormonal or what, but that was too much for me. I envisioned the mess that Jeffy would make with that mud, the food we wouldn't get to eat because of the rain, and how much work camping was going to be from this point out. I just kind of sat in a camp chair with a totally dejected look on my face.

Jeff asked if I wanted to just go home. I did, but I felt bad saying so. It was only Saturday and we had paid to stay till Monday. I felt bad about the wasted money. I said "kind of." This was Jeff's shining moment. He didn't make me feel bad about wanting to go home at all. We called it quits and threw everything into the van and headed home. It was a 4-hour drive, and we got started at around 8:00 pm. We were just that desperate to get home. Jeff drove the whole way while Jeffy, Katelyn, and I slept. What a trooper. As soon as we were inside our own home, we all felt much better.

I have very mixed feelings when I think back on this trip. In some ways it was a success, because we did what we went there to do. And I think Heavenly Father wanted us to do it too, since we had so much help getting there. But after we had accomplished that, it was like he backed off and let the elements take over. So in some ways it was a bust too. I don't know, my biggest feeling about the whole thing was just relief when it was over.

Anyways, we got our camping fix for the next little (or maybe long) while. We decided next time we get the urge to go camping, we're just going to put up our camp chairs around the grill and make hot dogs and s'mores in our backyard. Then sleep in our own beds. The best of both worlds, wouldn't you say?

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