Thursday, August 5, 2010

Profile of a Little Boy: Jeffy At 31 Months

He is such a little man. He weighs 36 pounds and is about 37/38 inches tall. He's got a full mouth of teeth, and thick hair which gets long very fast if I don't cut it often. He has the same bright blue eyes he was born with. At times he seems like such a big kid, then I see him around other kids and I realize how much growing he still has left to do.

He gives me real kisses these days and I love it. Whenever I say "give mama a kiss," he runs over, puckers up, and gives me a kiss. And he's never stingy. He'll give me as many kisses as I want! So sweet.

His vocabulary is increasing a ton right now. Every day he learns new words. It's so fun to work with him and see his progress. He's been going to Speech Therapy with Ms. Becky twice a week, and I think it's been helping a lot. He really likes playtime with her. Last week he had so much fun with some plastic fruits and veggies, that we went to WalMart on the way home and got a pack just for him. He carries the apple and the pear all around the house with him. Those are his definite favorites.

And as anyone who's been around him during the last few weeks will attest, his absolute most favorite phrase in the whole world right now is "what's that?" He will ask it nonstop until I answer him. Doesn't matter if he knows what it is or not, he'll ask. Sometimes he'll ask, then without pausing for breath, he'll tell me what it is. Sometimes he'll get mad if I can't tell what he's asking about and tell him the wrong thing. And sometimes it can be embarrassing when he points to an overweight lady in the grocery store and says "what's that? big mama." Still makes me giggle a bit though.

He still loves any kind of ball and he plays catch with Daddy or me every day. Sometimes it's with a baseball, sometimes with a football, and sometimes with a small plastic ball. And catch has a few different versions too. Of course there's the standard throw back and forth one. Then sometimes it's more like playing with a puppy-- I throw the ball, Jeffy runs and gets it and brings it back to me, then I throw it again. Yesterday we played this for like 45 minutes. :) Then there's also the one where he throws the ball to me, then runs over and I hand it to him, then he runs back to his spot and throws it to me, then comes, and get it, and goes back to his spot, then throws it to me again.... He also likes to play basketball and soccer. He just loves any kind of sport that involves a ball. And Daddy loves this too.

He's scared of a few things--water in large quantities, bugs, when the trees are moving and he can't figure out why, and any part of a movie that looks or sounds scary, etc. He does this little face and gesture combo when something scares him, where he makes a scared face, brings his hands up to his face, and does this little "ehh" sound. Sounds weird when I write it out, but I can't think of any better way to describe it. And just like with his "what's that?," he'll keep doing it until you answer him. Example: we were reading a story a few days ago, and on the page is a pirate ship with a couple skull flags on it. He pointed to each skull, did his "ehh" scared face, and wouldn't stop until I said "is that scary?" He'd say yes, then move on to the skull, repeating the process till all the skulls were accounted for and I had acknowledged that each of them was in fact scary.

He does the same thing when he gets hurt. If he bumps his head on something or falls down, he looks at me, rubs whatever part of him is hurt and says "what's that" until I ask if he's ok. He says yes, then runs off to play. But if I try to ignore him, he'll either just keep doing it, or move right into my face to make sure he has my attention. Silly little man. :)

I was just thinking today about how much fun both kids are right now, and I wanted to make a mental picture to remember forever. He will always be my first-born, the little one who gave me the opportunity to learn what it feels like to have a mother's love in my heart. He is so special to me and I'm so grateful for everyday I get to spend with him. If he weren't asleep right now, I'd have him give me a big kiss!!


Hilary Price said...

Aw :) I want to see your little kids again!

Adam, Sarah, Kevin, Aaron, and Nathan said...

I love the skull story, that is hilarious, well at least he will probably think it is hilarious in a few more years but I think it is funny and so true to young kids.

Our boys have some similarities! They would be great friends I believe! You have such cute kids!

Reading this I think I should do something like this for each of my boys!! Give them an update of their lives!!

Have a Great day Bethany!

debrajo said...

He's so adorable! You have super cute kids!