Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tender Mercy

You know, sometimes the things we need may seem small and trivial, but when we're blessed with them, they really are tender mercies.

We've been out of hot water for a little while. Maybe small and trivial in the long run, but possible mountains of work to get it fixed. Today I said a very earnest prayer that it would come back on by itself and not need any help from the maintenance people.

I just checked and it's back! A huge smile lit up my face as I felt the hot water on my hands. I felt this was Heavenly Father's direct way of telling me He does love me and is looking out for me.

I'm so glad it's back. No hot water makes for a discouraged hubby.

Thanks, Heavenly Father.


The Hatch Family said...

Tender mercies help the day go better, and its great to feel loved from above:)

debrajo said...

That's pretty awesome!