Monday, August 9, 2010

Profile of A Baby: Katelyn at 11 Months

This isn't the greatest picture of her, but I had fun editing it today, so it's posted. :)

Katelyn is a doll. She's almost 22 pounds and about 30 inches tall. She has beautiful brown eyes and finally enough hair to hold a bow! She loves to smile and laugh and imitate words to us. She can say "mama," "dada," and lots of other babbles. If you tell her to say "bye bye" she'll wave her little hands at you.

This little one is an eater! She may not look it, but lately she's been eating more than Jeffy! She loves big people food and won't eat that nasty baby food ever again. She never did really like that stuff. She's really good at chewing (7 teeth already probably help with that) and she's only choked a few times. I can give her whole things to eat, and she'll just take bites off them like a big person. She especially loves popsicles. Mmmm. I think she likes holding the stick. It's really fun to watch her eat, especially since she just started using a fork too.

Whenever we leave our apartment and go into the hall she starts "talking" to hear her echo. She goes "bah bah bah" louder and louder until she's almost yelling. The echo really fascinates her. It's pretty cute, but early in the morning, I worry that she's waking up the neighbors.

She's always interested in whatever Jeffy is playing with. And sometimes he'll share and sometimes he won't. And if he won't, she definitely has something to say about it. She'll throw back her head and howl. But she's also known to give a round of applause to someone who does omething she appreciates. It's fun to get a standing ovation from Katelyn.

Lately she's been doing what my mother-in-law calls the snoofy face, where she crinkles up her nose and huffs and puffs with a big smile on her face. Jeffy used to do that too. It's funny.

One of my favorite things that she does is play dress up. She loves to take whatever article of clothing or fabric she can find and drape it either over her head or across her shoulders. She looks so cute in her dress ups! For a long time, she had a favorite large bead necklace that she wore constantly. She would put it on herself and take it off herself, but if anyone else tried to take it off, she wouldn't have it. I love that my little girl is such a girl. :)

And as recent posts will attest, she is walking! It's her new favorite hobby! As of right now, she will just take off from whatever she's standing against and go as far as she can, until she's distracted by something on the floor, or she loses her balance, usually about 12 steps. And she walks with her arms straight up in the air, then plops down as soon as she's reached her destination. She giggles and laughs the whole way, and just loves being able to walk! She even does a little side step sometimes which really makes me giggle. :)

It's amazing how your heart expands to love multiple children so deeply. I never had to worry about whether I would be able to love another child as much as my first. From the moment she was born, she filled a place in my heart that hadn't even existed before. It's like it was created just to love her, which I do, so much. She is my little love.

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Karalee said...

I love your random month profiles. They are super cute. Congrads on having another walker.