Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekend Extravaganza

We had a great weekend. I love the 4th of July. If we ever have a house and a backyard, we're going to host awesome 4th of July parties!! I can't wait.

Until then, there are lots of other activities to keep us busy.

This is what we did last weekend:

  • Went to a bbq with a bunch of other families from our ward. We ate good food, Jeffy ate a lot of sand, and we all went home tired and happy.
  • Went to Pizza Hut for some yummy dinner and to a ma-n-pop outdoor ice cream place for dessert. I love watching Jeffy eat ice cream cones!
  • Bought a tent, camping chairs, air mattress, and CARS sleeping bag. Haven't gotten to go camping yet, but they were fun to buy!
  • Set up our new ginormous tent in our family room and had a "camp out" complete with hot dogs, corn on the cob, and potato salad. Glad we now know how to set it up and also glad that Jeffy didn't tear a hole in it while playing.
  • Actually went to a firework show for the first time since we've been together and got to use our new chairs. So fun! Jeffy freaked out and wouldn't let go of Daddy, and Katelyn held onto me pretty tightly too, but overall a great success!
  • Went to a playdate with some friends who have a wading pool. It was too cold for Jeffy's taste, so he just threw the toys off the deck, but Katelyn loved the water! We may have to get some kind of little pool.
Is that it? I think so... at least the major things. We also lamented the fact that we no longer have a working camera. So many picture opportunities lost. Gotta replace that soon!

Hope your weekend was just as fun!


Karalee said...

We will have to try the pool thing again sometime. I will be more prepared and put the water in earlier. Yesterday we emptied it out because it was hot, and nt refreshing anymore.

Joshua has a book about summer with a wading pool in it, and he will say "Jeffy, swimming" when he sees the picture. He enjoyed having you over too.

S.N.D said...

Sounds like fun.Oh if this makes you feel better our camera got stolen in the mail.Aaron sent it since we left it in Utah,and the only thing that is back with us is our camera bag.

I also would love to have a bbq party in our backyard but I know it won't be anytime soon.But it's all good.