Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer . . . fun?

We've been here about a month and a half and now I remember why I told myself I would never live at home again. It's been very challenging, for a lot of different reasons. Summers are never much fun for us because of the way Jeff's job works--he works six days a week, basically the whole day. But, top it off with a million little kids in the house and things just get chaotic. And when it's not chaos that I created or can control, it drives me nuts. And school gets out next week, so they'll be home all day. What do I do? I think I'll hide in the basement all day. How I wish that door had a lock! My one consolation--my 20 year-old sister is coming home from Italy a week from Saturday and she can help me tame the mob. Or at least give me a break from it every now and then. Yay for Natalie! :)

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