Friday, June 13, 2008

Tired, but happy

Here we are, at the end of another week. In some ways time goes by quickly, in other ways, it just crawls by. I'm cooking dinner every night for everyone, and that is a big job. And it's hard with Jeffy. I need help most days watching him while I cook, but sometimes it's hard to get help. Today I made pizza for dinner, and you would think that that would be easier than most other things. Wrong! I worked from 4:00 to 5:30, cutting toppings, making dough, etc. It seems like pizza should be easier than that. Oh well. I'm really getting to know what it's like to be a mom--you work hard at making a nice meal for your family, and inevitably, people complain and whine about how they don't like it, how it tastes funny, or how they just want cereal. Go figure! :)

I saw the first firefly of the summer last night. I was outside, sitting in a swing waiting for Jeff to come home. I noticed a plane up by the moon and watched it fly by. I saw a little light by it and thought it was another plane, but it disappeared! It was fun to watch it flicker on, then off, and try to guess where it would come on again. I like fireflies. They're a very familiar and comfortable reminder of past summer memories.

It seemed liked Jeffy had all kinds of problems today. He's sitting up by himself, but can't get into or out of that position by himself. Today he arched his back and twisted at the same time, and would end up falling and hitting himself. He hit his face right on the floor, hit his mouth on the rocking chair I was sitting in, and others. I feel bad. I'm right there by him, but sometimes he moves so quickly, I don't have time to react! Poor little guy's going to get tough!

I'll post a few more pictures of Jeffy, just because it's fun! Goodnight!


Laura said...

Let's be glad the weeks sometimes fly by. When we get back to Rexburg I'll make YOU dinner! We got an apartment in building 12. Do you know where you'll be living yet?

Emily Freeman said...

I was reading this and it is so true that no matter how closely you are watching your children or try and catch them they always seem to catch that one second that you are not watching to fall over and bang themselves on something. Clara is still good at doing that even though she has learned how to catch herself. No matter what she finds a new way to hurt herself and then learn from it.