Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Try, Try Again!

So this is a blog I actually created about a year ago when I was expecting Jeffy. I forgot all about it until I was looking at pictures of our niece, Clara's, birthday and I went to make a comment. It linked me to this old profile, so I updated it and here we are again! Good thing, because I've been trying to do this for months, and now everyone can finally watch Jeffy grow!

A little update about our lives. Jeff and I are in Leesburg, VA for the summer. Jeff is installing security systems for APX and we're living with my parents to save money. That's proven to be quite more challenging than I thought, but we'll save that for a later day. Jeffy is five months old as of yesterday and is just getting to be more and more fun! And, we have a big announcement . . . he slept all the way through last night!!! Hooray! He went to bed at 8:00 and slept straight till 6:30. Wow, I can't describe how ecstatic I was! Way to go, little tyke! Of course, this didn't just happen out of the blue; it took a little training. I decided a little while ago that I'd had enough nighttime disturbances, and that it was time for Jeffy (and me) to get more sleep. So I put him to bed at the normal time and made a bed for Jeff and me out on a couch pull-out bed. When he woke up, I didn't get him. When he screamed, I went to make sure he was ok, then went back to bed. He screamed quite a bit, but it wasn't too bad out where we were, and I don't think Jeff even woke up! Each night he woke up fewer times and now last night he made it all the way through! Suffice it to say that I'm feeling a lot more energetic these days!

We also went to the pool for the first time last Saturday. Well, I guess it wasn't the first time we'd been to the pool, just the first time in the pool. And Jeffy loved it! First we sat in the baby pool for about 1/2 hour. I sat on the bottom and Jeffy sat on my lap. The water came just above his tummy. At first he wasn't quite sure he liked it, but then he relaxed and started to play. Then we braved the "big kid pool," which was a lot colder. It took a little more time to get used to, but he enjoyed that too. Yay! I think we'll go every Saturday.

Well, that'll be it for this post. Now that I think I've figured out how to manuever around the tightest internet security ever, I should be on here a lot more often! :)


Hilary Price said...

He's so cute!! I like this whole blog thing. It's so nice to be updated :)

Emily Freeman said...

Jeffy sure is growing and I can finally see a little bit of Jeff comingout in him. Sounds like y'all are doing well and you are adjusting to all the new things in life lately. Just out of curousity, what size clothes is Jeffy wearing? Well have to get back to packing since we go to Utah tomorrow.

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

Well, he's wearing a variety of sizes. Nothing smaller than 9 months and nothing bigger than 18 months. It just depends on the brand and if they're new or used. Big kid! :)

Laura said...

YEAH! YOU did IT! I'm so excited for this, maybe it'll encourage Hilary Price up there to blog some more. *ahem*

Gina said...

Bethany! I stalked your facebook and got your blog. I am excited! Jeffy is so adorable, ps.