Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Showers!

So a very talented blog designer is having a give-away and I really want to win! Her name is April and she's located at AprilShowersBlogDesign.com. I've seen many blogs designed by her and I love them! I've also added a button of hers on the sidebar of this blog, so scroll down and see how cute her designs are!

Here's hoping that I win a get a blog makeover!


Jenni Evans Black said...

That is such a beautiful family picture!!

debrajo said...

Hey! I apologize if I made you feel badly--didn't mean to at all. My father had a period of 8 years where he was in and out of work, and even had a job where the company breached contract and didn't pay him commissions he had earned, and times were really tough financially for us then. We had a segment in time where we had to have help for a little while, and we applied for school lunches for a few months, too. So I know what it's like to be in a situation where assistance is needed, and I also know it's a place I don't want to go again. That's why I get so frustrated when people talk about our country's welfare system like it's no big deal, because it is a big deal to me and I think too many people are abusing it. I think it's a flawed system that accepts too easily and keeps people in for too long. And I just wish that more people our age would learn a thing or two from the attitude of those who have gone before and lived through things like the Great Depression. But I do agree with you that if someone needs help for a little while as they get back on their feet and don't abuse the system, that it's okay.

The Hatch Family said...

Hope you get the blog makeover too:) Thanks for your sweetness. Sometimes, I just hope that I am planting good seeds in these little boys of mine. I know the spirit helps us do our best in this mother quest, and you're doing a great job too:)