Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out On The Town

Today we looked for something age-appropriate to do with Jeffy. We found lots of indoor soft play areas, but they all cost money and we found out there was one oat the mall for free, so we went to the mall! There was a big fountain in the middle and we all had a lot of fun tossing in pennies. Well, Jeffy didn't really toss them, he just kind of scooted them off the rail. But he had a lot of fun anyways. :)

The play area was a lot of fun too. It was horse-themed, just like everything else in this town. :) I didn't get any pictures of that, since the fountain picture took my last spot on the camera. I'm sure we'll go back.

That's about it from us today!

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Natalie said...

CUTE! You have such a precious little family! Love ya!