Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Crafts

I may have been a little ambitious this year with my Christmas crafting. I was bored in September and decided to make all our extended family presents and a few of Jeffy's and Katelyn's too. That equals 4 parents, 11 siblings and their 4 spouses, 3 nieces, and 1 nephew, plus a few for our 2 kids. Whew. The good news: I just may have accomplished it. The bad news: I didn't get any pictures due to a MIA camera. How depressing is that? I asked my family to take pictures of their opened gifts so I can put them in my inventory for ideas later. I hope that happens. We'll see!

And today I got bored and decided to make Christmas ornaments for Katelyn and Jeffy. What's wrong with me? It's like I can't stop. I browsed the internet for ideas and didn't find any I liked. So I made this up, and it actually turned out ok. I think I'm going to add little gold bells on the ends. It definitely needs a finishing touch, and maybe that would do it. I want to have an ornament for the kids every year, listing the year and the place we lived that Christmas. This is the first year I've made them instead of buying them, and I think that this may become part of the tradition. It was fun.

For next year I decided not to make any, excepting maybe one for each of our kids. But Jeff said I said the same thing after last year, so I guess we'll see how I'm feeling come fall! :) Maybe I'll compromise and just make the nieces and nephews presents. Theirs are the most fun anyways. :)

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debrajo said...

You're just good like that! At least when you're bored you do something constructive & creative. : ) You have TALENT!