Saturday, December 25, 2010

Davis Family Christmas 2010

I wish blogger had a quick uploader like facebook. :) I may have been uploading pictures for the last hour or so....

We had a fun Christmas. Our original plan was to postpone and celebrate next week when Jeff's off work, but I got tired of waiting. :) We did the Christmas Eve stuff before Jeff left for work, and did the Christmas morning stuff after he got home at 9 am.

For Christmas Eve, we had an indoor picnic of homemade pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks with Jeff's traditional punch. We also had chocolate chip cookies and made sure to save some for Santa. I think it may become a tradition! Christmas Eve Dinner in my home growing up was always a nice holiday dinner of ham, potatoes, etc., but I definitely wasn't feeling up to that this year, and I liked how low-key it was. Maybe we'll do a big dinner on Christmas Day. We'll see.

Anyways, we had dinner and then did a small nativity pageant with Jeffy and Katelyn. That was a lot of fun. Kate wanted to hold baby Jesus the whole time and got rather upset when Jeffy held him for a moment. They actually did pretty well with keeping their costumes on. Jeffy even ate with his on. Cute. Later, Jeffy took the blanket that had been wrapped around baby Jesus, and draped it over his own shoulders and called himself Jesus. :)

We then had the kids open their new pjs. They weren't Christmas-themed because I couldn't find any when I went out, but they were nice and soft and still cute. Thanks, Nana and Papa, for the pjs! Jeffy actually loved his so much he willingly put them back on after going potty! Usually it's a struggle to get his clothes back on, but not with these pjs!

Then the kids watched a quick Christmas movie and went to bed, and Santa went to work.

Christmas Morning! Jeff wasn't going to get home from work until about 8am, and I planned to put up a gate to keep the kids from getting into the front room. I should have thought a little longer, and put the gate up where the kids couldn't see the front room. They got up a little before 7:00, and walked right up to the gate, where they could see the toys. Whoops. Jeffy could see the t-ball set Santa brought for him, and did not like that he couldn't get to it. I turned on a movie for them in their room and hopped in the shower. As I was getting out I heard a crash, and found Jeffy had actually broken his way through the gate to get to the goodies! Well, I wanted to wait until Jeff got home for them to play with the presents, so I gathered up the Santa presents (which are unwrapped) and put them in my bedroom, amidst much weeping and wailing. :) Once Jeff got home, he took them back into their room while I set everything up again, then he let them loose. Now that they knew what was waiting for them, they ran as fast as they could to get to the presents! That was fun to watch.

We had a fun morning of finding our stockings, opening presents, and eating junk food. I love Christmas. Each year the kids get older and it gets more and more fun. :) And next year we'll have three!!

And now the pictures.

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The Hatch Family said...

Looks like a wonderful day:) Merry Christmas!