Friday, July 17, 2009

Much Better, Thank You

We're almost back to full health. Stomachs are still a little queasy, but overall, we're all a lot better. Thank goodness. When things like this happen, I have no idea how on earth it will all work out with another baby. I could barely handle the three of us being sick. Add a newborn? Sigh. I guess you just do your best!

Anyways, Jeff had a good birthday barbecue, aside from the fact that just about everyone who came got sick, which was about half his class. Whoops. There goes our social life! ;) We had about 15 people come, which I thought was pretty good. Jeff had a good time grilling hamburgers and converting new people to the nerf world. He had lots of guns out there and the guys enjoyed shooting each other. We even had a couple families with kids come, which was fun for Jeffy. Everyone stayed a lot longer than I expected and eventually I needed to go hide/rest in our bedroom, since I had pulled a muscle in my back. Nobody cared though, so no big deal.

Jeff's classmates really like the chocolate chip cookies I make, so I made sure to have plenty available. I made almost 8 dozen, and they were gone quite a while before people even started to leave. I'm pretty sure they would have eaten as much as I could have made easily. Jeff had to come in and put some aside for himself to even get any. I thought it was funny.

So I'd say it was a success. But I do feel bad that we got everyone sick. At least I know that it was a real bug and not food poisoning. I would have felt even worse then!

So . . . since we never finished cleaning up from all the fun, then we got sick, the house is pretty much a disaster. It's my task for the day to get it presentable at least. Not really looking forward to it, but it has to be done!

A few other things: this morning I ran over our kitchen trash can while backing out of the driveway. Don't ask what it was doing out there. We had a big storm last night and it got blown behind the front tires. Ironically, I had checked behind the back tires, but not the front. Oh well. I smashed it to smithereens. (How on earth do you spell that word?) Then about 5 minutes later, I found a new trash can! Friday is big item pickup day, where you can put out big items and the trash guys will come pick it up. Redundant, I know. Anyways, I always like to go treasure hunting on Thursday evenings/Friday mornings. Since this is a military base, there is a constant flow of people moving in and out, resulting in stuff on the curb. So this morning I found a trash can almost identical to the one I destroyed! I was happy.

But the real treasure was found last night. I was taking Jeffy on an evening walk in hopes of distracting him from his teething fussiness and found an entertainment center! These people obviously were moving or had moved out, and left everything they couldn't fit on the curb. I was really excited, since we've been looking for something that is harder for Jeffy to get into. I ran as fast as my prego belly would allow and made Jeff go get it. Don't worry--he was very willing. There was a nice couch too, but its cushions were missing, so we left it. It's a nice big center, with cabinets that I can easily Jeffy-proof. And you can't beat the price! Now we have a little rearranging to do. I like rearranging, so it's good motivation to get the house cleaned up. :)

So that's been our week. Being sick, getting better, finding treasures, and now getting the house and our lives back to normal. It feels good to be back.

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Tina Crowther said...

Hey you guys! It's good to hear how you are doing. I found your blog on Katherine Ririe's. This is Tina... and Brant Crowther from your singles ward. It looks like you're doing awesome. Our kids are about the same age! Good luck with everything.