Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Unexplainable Boredom

I don't know why I've been feeling so bored lately.

Remember how we all got that nasty stomach bug? Well, we had a few days of good health, then were struck again! This time it was a nasty head cold. Ugh. It hit me harder than the flu did. I was miserable. Jeff was too, but pushed through it and did all his work stuff. THANKFULLY, Jeffy got a runny nose, but wasn't too bad at all. I would much rather me be sick than Jeffy. That lasted for about a week. We're feeling much better now. I still have a cough that I think is going to stick around for a while, but other than that, we're ok. I hope it lasts a little bit longer this time!

Pregnancy is going pretty well. I'm almost 35 weeks and compared to this stage last time, I think this one is going better. I haven't really started swelling at all yet, and I think last time by this point I was already stretching out Jeff's shoes. :) I had one really, really uncomfortable day during the cold where my back hurt and my hips really hurt and it reminded me of the end of the last pregnancy. Thankfully, it went away with the cold and I hope it stays away. Hip pain is one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy. So yeah. I'm feeling pretty good. Just . . . waiting.

BUT (and this is the really frustrating part) we're still in limbo about the VBAC. Good grief. I first came to this doctor about two months ago and filled out all the releases to get the records from Jeffy's birth and they still haven't shown up yet. I filled out the releases again, and nothing. Without those records, the doctors aren't able to say definitively whether I can try a VBAC. Grrrrr. I guess it's up to me to get them somehow. My last appointment was hugely frustrating as well and right now I really don't like doctors or the whole health care profession. Oh well. As long as baby gets here safely I guess I can't complain too much.

I've been working on lots of projects lately. Jeff's mom sent me a bunch of material and a pattern for muu muus that she got on a trip to Hawaii. She brought me back one and it's the best thing for a pregnant summer! So I have some of those to make. And she also sent material for some cute little Hawaiian print clothes for Jeffy.

I'm also finishing up Jeffy's old clothes quilt. I was actually brave enough to quilt it on my machine instead of tying it. That was exciting! I am now in the process of hand stitching the binding. The perfectionist in me is irritated at all the little mistakes, but oh well. I think overall it turned out pretty well.

So you'd think I wouldn't feel so bored. But I do. Maybe I have spring fever. I'm stuck inside the house all day, as it is TOO HOT to go outside. I hear the weather starts cooling down in November. Maybe I can make it.


Anonymous said...

The best way I can describe the military health care system is "hurry up and wait." Really, that statement describes just about everything.

I had similar problems with my health records being sent to our current assignment. I believe we sent for them three times. To some degree, it's worth being a bit of a pain to get them to get moving. It's sucks and as much as I hate to say it, in this particular case, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil."

Andy and I are considering buying separate insurance altogether when we decide to get pregnant. I can't imagine dealing with all of the loops while busting at the seams. Good luck to you and I hope things start to sort themselves out!

Hey, how long will you all be in South Carolina?

Mike and Natalie Pawlowski said...

You can make it, Bethany! :) When will we see you guys next?

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

The only thing is that this isn't even Military! We're doing it all through a civilian doctor. I'm starting to think that even military would be better! :)

Tina Crowther said...

Bethany- You can do it! I had Caleb via VBAC and it was totally worth it! It was stressful in it's own way, but so much better. (I won't go into detail if you want to hear it, go read my old posts on our blog.) Anyway, I hope everything works out for you! Good luck! And good for you on the quilting~