Thursday, July 2, 2009

Super Duper Post

It's been a while since I've posted, but it's not for lack of trying, I promise. The internet is really hit and miss, and most of the time it's miss. Especially when I'm trying to upload pictures.

So here we go--what we've been up to for almost a whole month.

Jeffy and I introduced Daddy to the water park a few weeks ago. Jeffy had an even better time than when we went with playgroup, and an even better time than that when we went with the church playgroup last week. Every time we go, he gets a little more brave and I get a little more tired. Before we went to the sprinklers, we all crammed into a 2-person paddle boat, which was quite an adventure. I held Jeffy on my lap, and needless to say, it was pretty crowded with me, Jeffy, and new baby. And Jeff did almost all of the paddling. What a good sport! Jeffy was wearing a lifejacket that was too big for him and he looked really cute, though uncomfortable. That was a fun trip.

Later that same day, we went to a bbq hosted by one of Jeff's classmates. That was my first time meeting many of these guys and it was fun. Jeffy was the only kid there, of course and he provided some good entertainment. And he really liked to play with their puppy. Maybe we should get one. Well, maybe we should borrow one for a day instead.

We had a nice father's day. At church Jeff got some chocolate, which is always nice (especially since he shared. :)) After church I surprised him with a charcoal grill and steak and he had a blast cooking. We had hamburgers for lunch and then he grilled the steaks for dinner. It started out a little shaky but ended well. Jeff burned off all the hair on his hands while protecting his face from giant flames. We had lighters in the house, so I didn't think I needed to get matches, but apparently lighting a charcoal fire with lighters isn't such a great idea. No harm done though, and we both thought it was kind of funny. Jeff really enjoyed it and thinks he has a new weekend hobby. We didn't get to serve him cinnamon rolls as breakfast in bed because he had to go do morning colors, so I was glad the rest of the day was fun. We had the cinnamon rolls for dessert! :)

The Navy is going to new working uniforms this month--blue fatigues. The guys all make jokes about how they'll be perfectly hidden in all the blue bushes. Here's a picture of my sailor in his new uniform.

So we found out for sure that baby #2 is a girl! We've been waiting a long time to know for sure and now that we do, it's time to get excited! Really, anytime I think about my little girl, I get really, really excited!! I got out my sewing machine, which hasn't seen use in two years and made little lady her first dress. I think it turned out really cute and I was intent on doing a good job, so it's well-made too.

Then the weekend after the ultrasound, our community had a giant yard sale, and we hit it early to find cute baby stuff. And it was a big success! We found two especially good sales where we got lots of really cute clothes for not very much money! I was so excited I took a picture.

And we even found a stroller! It's a sit-n-stand stroller, which is nice. And for it we paid ... [insert drum roll here] ... $20! Wahoo! It was only a year old and I think they had gotten a really good price on it so they passed along the savings. And the best part about it is that Jeffy loves his new seat. We brought it into the house to give it a good cleaning and Jeffy couldn't be torn away from it. I buckled him in to test it out and when I went to undo it, he hollered. So we went on a little walk in our new half-filled double stroller. I'm glad he likes it.

I pulled out the infant carseat to make sure it fit in the new stroller and Jeffy wanted to test that out too. He sure has gotten big since he used it!

After the yard sales were over, things that weren't sold were taken to the thrift shop on base, so I knew I wanted to make a trip there. They're only open a few days and week, and when it opened, we zoomed over to see if there were any goodies. Once again we hit the jackpot! We found a ton of more cute stuff! There was a set of onesies in particular that were super cute. There was one for each day of the week. Too fun. And we even found a crib bumper pad for $2! This thrift shop is the best. Their prices are unbelievable. I love it! This time I didn't take a picture, I just added it all to the growing pile of pink clothes.

Ok, back to the baby that's already here. A friend of mine made her little boy a quilt out of his old baby clothes and it's super cute. I thought about doing it for a while, but didn't necessarily want to cut up a bunch of baby clothes in case of a future boy, but as I was sorting through them "just in case," I realized that we have plenty, so I decided to go ahead and do it. It was kind of hard to cut up some of those cute little things--they have a lot of sentimental value to me! But I'm glad I'm doing it. This way they won't get worn out or given away by mistake. So far I have all the pieces sewn together with a border around them. I have batting and a soft fleece backing and I just need to tie it. I got everything all set up and then realized I didn't have the right kind of needle to thread yarn. Darn! But I'm close and I think it's going to turn out really cute. Thanks, Amanda, for the great idea!

And this is just a cute picture of a sleepy little man. :)

Oh yeah, we're thinking of the name Caroline Elise Davis for the new baby. What do you think?


Kestrel said...

Oh it looks great! sorry I didn't reply to your message, it's been a crazy week. But you figured it out on your own, and it looks AMAZING. And yeah, I decided that even if we'd had a second child, I'd still want to use my favorite of Toby's outfits to make him a blanket. Le sigh.

Anyway, we got a puppy, you guys should come play with us. Just sayin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I always enjoy hearing about what you guys are up to. I'm glad you all are doing well out there!

I completely understand about the new uniforms... the Air Force was initially going to go with light blue pixelated ones and many people had the same complaint: "We'll blend in perfectly with all of the blue sand." They've since been redesigned and are now a lighter brown color. Haha.

I love love love the name Caroline. It's such a beautiful name. I bet you are so excited for a little girl!

rodprice said...


Jeff could get a few pointers about lighting a charcoal grill from these guys:

They're pouring liquid oxygen on the grill. All the charcoal burns away in two seconds. Sadly, the grill melts too.


Megan Marie said...

congratulations on having a girly girl!!!! I am so darn jealous! love the quilt, love the pictures! Jeffy is getting HUGE!

Miss you guys!