Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Baby, baby!"

Yesterday I watched a little boy while his mommy had a baby. He's really cute, and for the most part, the day went really well. He went to bed at about 8:00, and his grandma came to pick him up at 9:45. Jeffy was still awake when she got here, and after I got our little guest buckled into his carseat and grandma took him away, he flipped out. He kept saying "baby! baby!" and crying, trying to get out the door. I think he thought I just gave away Katelyn. It took a little while to calm him down, but eventually he went to bed.

This morning he was very excited to find Katelyn alive and well, and has been very nice to her. It's sweet to know he loves her. :)

Not the best picture of her, but you get the idea. :)


Natalie said...

Aw, that's so precious! :) Your kids are so cute!

The Hatch Family said...

So sweet, what an awesome brother!

Tina Crowther said...

I sent an email, but wasn't sure if it would go, so I copied it. I'll just paste it here. By the way, your kids are adorable!

I'm glad you asked about the thyroid thing, it's always nice to talk to someone who's been there, done that. I have been hypothyroid since I was 11, so yes, I had it with both pregnancies too. Mine was pretty well under control by that point- but I still had to have it tested, at least twice during my pregnancies. I would say that if it's a new thing, I would get it tested a lot more often. It's always changing, especially during pregnancy. Mine always regulated itself more when I was pregnant, meaning I didn't have to take as high a dose of drugs. But, then it would change again after baby was born, and then again when I finished nursing. Annoying huh? Anytime you notice that you're not feeling like yourself, extra sleepy or headaches and that kind of stuff, you might as well have them check it. (hard to tell when you're pregnant I know... that stuff happens anyway.) I did that recently. I kept getting tired and stuff and didn't even think of my thyroid until my mom mentioned it. That's when I realized I had recently stopped nursing, so I went in and sure enough it had changed again.

I hope this helps. Good luck with everything. You're a great mom!

Oh, by the way, I had a comment for your church blog too. I know how you feel- although Brant is usually with me, it's still sooo hard to sit through sacrament meeting and to find things to help keep the boys under control. I wondered if there's a reason why you don't let Jeffy have snacks? our rule is Christopher has to wait until after they pass the sacrament and sit down, and if he's reverant during that time, he can have his fruit snack or a piece of gum. We bring other snacks too, but are trying to get away from those- they're messy and annoying.

He likes to look at books- especially his little book of mormon. But it seems like no matter what, every week almost, he still has to go out at least once and sit on a chair in a classroom. I understand how that would be hard with your baby girl too, and noone to help. I would say just try taking both of them into a classroom if Jeffy is misbehaving and let your baby crawl around while you hold Jeffy on the chair and make him fold his arms. This seems harsh maybe, because he is young, but if he knows that you're going to do that- every time he is naughty, he'll stop. This is what we do with Christopher, and sometimes I spend more time in the classroom and think that nothing is coming of it, but I think it really does help- as long as we're consistent.

Caleb is almost the harder one- he's 1 and hates sitting still. Plus it's his nap time, so he's going crazy. It's tough I know. But You're doing the right thing by taking them- someday they'll thank you for it!

Good luck!

Hello I am Samantha said...

He is indeed a big brother. He is so big now.And Katelyn is just so adorable.