Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Girl Games

It's been a rough couple of days. Katelyn caught a cough from Jeffy, and usually her colds will just last a day or two, but this time it's worse. Poor little thing. I think she's teething too. Bad combination.

But she still does super cute things that give me a minute's reprieve and help me get through the hard times. Lately, she's been doing this thing where she grabs an item of clothes and drapes it over her head like a scarf, then looks up at me and smiles. I don't know if she's playing hide-and-seek or dress-up, but either way, it's so cute! She'll do it for like 15 minutes straight and loves the smiles and claps we give her.

She woke up much happier today, so hopefully that's a good sign that the worst is over. I can't wait till my happy baby girl is back, being adorable all the time. :)

Getting into my ribbon. :)


Kestrel said...

Okay seriously, on first glance it looks like Katelyn has puked ribbon. I love that picture.

Also, holy crap Jeffy, stop growing!and/or giving your sister colds.

The Hatch Family said...

Hope she's feeling better, and enjoying making messes for mommy:)

Janel said...

It is nice when you can have those small moments that remind you that your healthy happy baby will return when the cough leaves. She is adorable, and I think she is probably pretty cute sick too!