Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I was brave. I took the kids grocery shopping (that's not the brave part), and this time I had Jeffy walk beside me instead of sitting in the cart.

Usually I have Katelyn sit up in the little seat so she can be strapped in, and Jeffy sits in the main part of the cart, squashed in with the food. I knew I needed to buy a lot today, so Jeffy walked beside me. I was afraid that he would run away or throw himself on the ground or something even worse, but I was very pleasantly surprised!

He stayed right by me most of the time, holding on to the side of the cart. He would let go and run a little ways ahead of me, but then when I asked him to come back, he did! He always came right back to his special spot. I was so proud! I'm not usually the one who has well-behaved children in public, so I felt very spoiled. And Katelyn was good too!

I got lots of comments on how cute they were (I don't get a many comments like that when the monster comes out!) and I was just beaming. Yes, thank you, my children are adorable. Yes, thank you, they are well-behaved. Yes, thank you, I am the most amazing mother in the whole world. Hee hee.

This, and a few recent purchases have made me feel more confident about church on Sunday. And Jeff should be there too, so here's hoping for a better week! :)

What's a post without a picture? This was in South Carolina. :)

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