Friday, September 26, 2008

Hooray for Chuck-A-Rama!

Yesterday after the zoo, Kimi and I hung out for a bit in Temple Square, then our Grandma and Grandpa Price took all of us to dinner. All of us would be: me, Jeff, Kimi, (her husband couldn't come), my sisters Natalie and Hilary, and my cousin, Ryan. We had a great time. It was so fun to see everyone and show off the little man. He was adorable as usual! Here come the pictures.

Kimi and Jeffy in Salt Lake.

Jeffy trying to climb up his Great Grandma Price. He sure is a squirmer!

They're cute.

Jeffy doing the new snort thing. There's Great Grandpa Price too.

Aunt Hilary! He's making a happy face in this picture! :)

Aunt Natalie. Jeffy remembered her from VA and warmed right up. She was always so nice to him and he likes her a lot.

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