Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to the Springs!

Remember the Springs we visited not long ago? Well, we went on a spur-of-the-moment camping trip back to the springs. Last Saturday, Jeff went up to Idaho to get the few remaining things out of our storage unit, and of course, have a nerf war with his Rexburg buddies. The crazy guy drove up in the morning, did his stuff, and drove back that night. That's a lot of driving! And to top it off, he called me on his way home and asked if I wanted to go camping when he got home! Well, really. Who's going to turn down their husband offering to go do something fun with them? :) So, a little while later . . . off we went!

Back to Clover Springs. There aren't many campsites there, and at first we thought we were going to get stuck with a sucky one, but on our fourth trip around the loop, we found a wonderful little site that been hidden from first view. It was lovely! We had a big, level spot for the humongous tent we borrowed from Jeff's parents; nice, shady trees; a great fire pit; and best of all--the stream was right behind us!
Here come the pictures.

Our beautiful site. Like our crooked tent? Yeah, that was fun to set up.

Gotta love the Pack 'N Play. Seriously, we took that thing everywhere.

Look, there's the stream!

Our stuff.

Trying to figure out that tent. I'm sure the people next to us got a good laugh at us.

Jeffy's first spot outside wasn't exactly level, so I weighted it down with water containers.

Jeff earned himself a nickname-- The Fire Mage.

Here it is! His famous one-match fire.

The next morning. It was kind of chilly. Thank goodness all three of us had our footie pajamas!

Jeffy in his baby cage while Jeff makes breakfast.

Yay for bottles!

"Get me out of here already!!"

Daddy and son in their footie pajamas.

This is down by the stream. I told you we dragged that thing everywhere!

Our tent from the bank of the stream.

I heard the water was cold. . . .

Jeffy admiring the foliage.

That night I stuck a stick in the fire. Instead of catching on fire, the end of the stick got really hot, and we got to play with it like a sparkler! Jeff liked that one.

After we broke camp. Jeffy was the last one to get packed up! Bye bye Clover Springs!

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