Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank Goodness!

We finally got a new card reader so I can upload new pictures. I feel like posts need pictures to be worth it, so I've been slacking. I hereby pledge to be a better blogger! :)

The pictures below are when Jeffy and I went to see the Provo people in August.

This one is just awesome. He looks a little nervous.

Nice little park area close to where Hilary was living at the time.

What adoring aunts and uncle!

What can I say?

He just wasn't quite sure of anything.

These pictures are from Jeffy and my visit to Draper to visit my friend, Amanda/Kris, and her baby, Toby. He and Jeffy are only a few weeks apart and I hope they can be good friends.

They wouldn't look up at me. Oh well.

Out for lunch at Wingers.

They look like they're fighting. Hee hee.

Individual shots!

Jeffy looked the least fat in this one. What a chunk!

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Natalie said...

I absolutely LOVE that first pic of Jeffy with Hilary!! His facial expression is PRICELESS!!! hahahaha I laughed out loud here in the library. :) Awesome!