Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, Crap. (Literally)

No pictures today. Too nasty.

Today started out like any other morning. Jeffy stood up in his crib and babbled at us until I got up to get him out. I could tell he needed a new diaper, so I laid him on the bed to change him. I undid the snaps at the bottom of his sleeper and found myself looking at: POOP! Everywhere!! His diaper had come apart and there was yucky brown poop all over the lower half of his body. Nasty! There's no way to clean that up without going in the tub, so I tried to carry him in a way that would get the least amount of poop on me. Gross. I finally got him upstairs and plopped him in the empty tub and tried to get his nasty pjs off. Lucky for me, it wasn't a normal sleeper, but one that had to be pulled over his head. Jeffy wasn't too thrilled about it all either, so getting that horrible thing off was pretty hard, as Jeffy got more and more agitated. When I got it off, I saw that the poor boy was covered in poop--the only clean part of him was his head. He had poop up on his shoulders, back, arms, torso, legs . . . basically everywhere. IT WAS SOOO GROSS!! Yeah, I washed and rinsed, washed and rinsed him over and over till I felt sure he was clean. I was really tempted to just throw away that sleeper, but it was new and pretty cute, so I gritted my teeth and put it in the washer, on the sanitize cycle. Usually I'm ok at dealing with messes, but this one just got me. I had to hold my nose and think about something pleasant. I just about threw up multiple times. This is the first major blowout he's had, though, in his almost 9 months of life, so I guess that's not too bad. Ew, though, it just makes me feel gross.


Anonymous said...

Oh gross. Toby's diapers have been doing that too this week. Are you using Walmart brand, because THEY SUCK. eww sorry you had to go through that one. I think i would have called Nate and cried till he came home, bahahaha.

Adam, Sarah, Kevin and Aaron said...

Gotta love Motherhood! Love your story! The other day I was changing one of Aarons diapers, it wasn't really bad or anything, just something about it had me running to find a bucket myself. It was a fun experience.