Friday, September 26, 2008

Zoo Time!

Jeffy and I went to Utah's Hogle Zoo yesterday. We were going to meet my friend and her baby, but somehow we were all retarded and couldn't find each other. I was sad, but Jeffy and I did all the zoo stuff just the two of us.

I got Jeffy this awesome elephant hat. Lots of people commented on how impressed they were that he kept it on his head! I though it was super cute.

Side view of the silly hat.

He's started this new thing where he crunches up his nose ans does a little snort thing. So it looks like he's upset, but he's actually happy!

If you look closely, you can see a real elephant.

We even rode a carousel! Jeffrey the Elephant was riding Geoffrey the Giraffe. Hee hee.

He liked it for about the first minute.

My little chunk in front of the penguins. See them?

Jeffy trying to climb into the zebra cage. Can you find the zebra?

This elephant squirts water. It was fun to watch little kids jump when it scared them.

Towards the end of the zoo day. Jeffy getting sleepy in front of some turkey bird things.

Jeffy so tired on the train ride.

End of the day. The kid was pooped.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Toby rode that giraffe too!!

I looked EVERYWHERE for your stroller, dangit. Well, and you too, but I thought it might be easier to spot the stroller. There were SO many people there yesterday! I finally realized around 11:15 that there was no way I was going to find you lol. Dang - next time, I'll have my phone in working order >:|

there's always the Thanksgiving Point we could go visit, too. That's not as hard to get lost in either. And This is the Place State Park... This winter I want to hit the Children's Museum... we'll find stuff to do.

Adam, Sarah, Kevin and Aaron said...

He is such a cute kid Bethany!!! I love the hat too! So Cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Toby was completely pooped by the end of the day as well. He took two naps while we were there so I was expecting him to be hyper but nooo.

I bought him a stuffed red panda because I got some sweet pictures of the red panda there. The elephant hat is way cute though!