Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby man smiled at me for a good 10 seconds today.  It was amazing!  And I didn't feel any kind of rumbling inside, so I have decided it was a real smile and not just gas.  :)  It made me so happy!  I have been feeling an extra outpouring of love towards my kids lately.  We had McDonalds for dinner tonight and when he was done with his food, Jeffy tried to pull the happy meal box onto his head as a hat.  Of course his head is way too big so it didn't fit and he just kept ripping off whatever piece he was holding.  I laughed long and hard at that.  He just looked so cute with that box hat!  And he told me I was a great mom today.  Sure it was because I got him McDonald's, but I can pretend it was for a different reason.  When Bekah is hurt or upset she very pitifully calls out "Mommy!"  She doesn't have a very good vocabulary yet, but she's got that word down pat.  And it tugs at my heart strings every time.  She needs me and wants me to comfort her when she's sad or in pain.  The sister missionaries stopped by today and commented multiple times on Katekyn's cute little voice.  And it's true. She has the cutest little sing song voice and her "ok"s and "yes" which is almost with a lisp, and the way she copies what her big brother says-- it's all just so cute.  

In want of becoming a better mom I have prayed in the past for the ability to develop more patience.  I think I'll pray instead for more love.  Having more love is such a great feeling.  It's wonderful to be reminded of what a sweet, innocent little being each of my children is, and how they deserve respect and kindness and love.  I'm glad I wrote about this tonight, so when I'm frustrated for some meaningless, silly reason, I can come back to this and get that reminder to stop and just love them.  Because I do.  So much. :) 


Kestrel said...

Oh dear Lord. Never ever pray for patience. That is the worst thing you could possibly pray for.

oh, I will never make that mistake again.

However, praying for love is a genius idea. Toby routinely tells me I'm the best mommy ever, or that I'm NOT THE NICE MOMMY ANYMORE AND I DONT LIKE ANYONE. He's fickle.

Liz said...

I like that, praying for more love. I have definitely prayed for the patience!! I think I'll pray for the love tonight, before I punch a hole in the wall. Just to see if I'm strong enough, of course. :o)