Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jeffy punched a hole in his bedroom wall today.  I don't think he was mad; I think he just wanted to see if he was strong enough to do it.  Yup, he is.  It's interesting the kind of damage my kids figure out to do to all these homes we do not own.  In New York, they trashed the carpet.  Here we have tile (we specifically chose the one with tile to avoid the carpet) so that's not an option.  Instead they punch through walls and rip apart air vents.  And I wish I could blame it all on the boy, but that would be unfair to him!  Katelyn is as much a wrecking ball as he is, maybe even more.  Oh kids. They say you get the kind of kid that you were.  I blame Jeff.  I sure didn't go around punching walls to see if I could. :)


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~Kimi~ said...

Sounds like something Daisy would do. Blarg, indeed.