Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm counting this as last night's post. :)

I've been making a few things for Cassidy's wedding-- advice cards and these little monogrammed medallions that are going on the centerpieces.  Her colors are black damask over white with splashes of yellow.  It's very elegant and pretty.

I've been doing these projects on my silhouette, which I LOVE.  Jeff got it for me for Christmas/birthday/valentine's day this last year, since he was going to be gone for all of them.  It is one of my most favoritest gifts ever.  It is essentially a cutting tool, but I use the design software for so many things too.  I love it!  I just finished the wedding stuff last night and it turned out great.  I can't wait to see the rest of the wedding, looks like it's going to look fabulous.

On a different note, I can't believe Cassidy is getting married!  Makes me feel like I must be getting old.  I'm the oldest, and she's the 5th and she's getting married!  Crazy.  But she found this guy who seems pretty much perfect for her, so there you go.  I am so excited to see everyone again in just a few weeks!   I met Jon at Christmas and he seems great.  Of course, Jeff was out so he couldn't come and he can't come to the wedding either.  Someday he'll get to see everyone again.  Poor guy.

Ok, this has turned a little more rambly than I intended.  Till tonight!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see all of it, too!

Here's a coincidence. My friend who is going to decorate the place for the reception is doing 3 small 5x7 cards to put in black frames for the 2 beverages and the cookie buffet. I told her that I wanted to continue the monogram/damask theme with a touch of yellow. She offered to do the cards (she must have a silhouette too) and since I had already asked you to do so much I took her up on her offer. Now I can see that I should have asked you to do it all because it seemed so easy for you. But anyway, to get back to the coincidence....she showed me the cards yesterday and I couldn't believe it. They were almost identical to the advice cards you designed, including the yellow border. This lady has a reputation for being exceeding good at this sort of thing, so I think that is an indication of the quality of the work you have done! Way to go, Bethany! Thank you so much for helping out. These are small touches but they will have a very big impact on the overall decor. I couldn't have done it without you. THANK YOU! Love, Mom

~Kimi~ said...

Nice! You have four little ones, and are still helping out! All I'm doing is showing up. :)

BTW, did you end up getting dresses for Katie, Daisy, and Bekah? There are these adorable sunshine yellow children's dresses with black sashes at the mall, and they are buy one, get one free.