Thursday, July 24, 2008

35 Favorite Summer Memories In No Particular Order

1. Giving Melodie and Cassidy awesome haircuts! (I don't know if they thought they were awesome, though!)
2. Family "Shrek the Third" movie night.
3. Taking Mom and Dad out to ice cream after Stake Conference.
4. Kripsy Kreme breakfast on Mother's Day.
5. Cinnamon Roll breakfast on Father's Day.
6. Picnic at Great Falls with Loralee and Jeremy.
7. Jeff playing with a million little scouts at Cub Scout Day Camp.
8. Someone making chocolate chip cookies like every other day.
9. Riding the Metro into Washington DC for the 4th of July.
10. Cassidy painting my toenails.
11. Watching the kids swim at practices and meets. Go Tsunamis!
12. Learning how to make really good homemade pizza.
13. Natalie's homecoming day from Italy--lots of cool stories and even presents!
14. Taking Jeffy in the pool.
15. Going to Jeremy's Under the Sea Kindergarten Concert.
16. Going to Loralee's End-of-Elementary Concert.
17. Kimi and Matt's Wedding.
18. Relief Society Temple Trip.
19. Navy Decision Temple Trip.
20. Seeing Melodie in her play costume and make-up.
21. Seeing Hilary for all of 8 hours.
22. Our goodbye dinner.
23. Fun dinner at the Chapmans.
24. Going on walks around the lake with the kids.
25. Playing tennis with Cassidy and Melodie.
26. Feeding Jeffy peas for the first time.
27. Watching the little boys play with Jeffy.
28. Renting movies for the big kids.
29. Seeing all my grandparents and lots of aunts and uncles.
30. Cassidy making Jeffy giggle.
31. Watching Zach's Birthday Party chaos.
32. Introduction to Blogging and Digital Scrapbooking Worlds.
33. Jeffy sleeping through the night for the first time!
34. The kids' piano recital.
35. Teaching 7-8 year-old primary kids about Jesus.

Thanks for all the great memories, everyone! Love you!

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