Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Boys

My two Jeffs are basically clones of each other. When Jeffy was first born, everyone thought he looked a lot like me, mostly because of his full head of black hair. But as he's been getting older, he's becoming more and more like his daddy, both in looks and personality. For one, his black hair is gone. From his birth it started growing in lighter. There was actually a distinct line between the two colors. And it hasn't stopped. It keeps getting lighter and lighter, and towards his scalp, it's glaringly blond! He made have started out , but when he gets his next haircut, I'm going to have a baby! Jeffy also had distinct physical characteristics of his daddy too. He's fuzzy with little blond hairs all over his whole body just like daddy did, he has daddy's cheeks, daddy's toes, daddy's build and more. The only thing we can really see as definitely being from me are his eyebrows. He definitely is a Jeffy! :)

Jeffy just loves his daddy. Anytime he comes into a room, Jeffy follows his every movement. He loves playing with daddy's face and playing with him. Jeff is especially good at making Jeffy smile. It's like he's saying "That's my daddy. He's just like me and I'm going to be just like him when I'm big! I sure love him!" It's so sweet. I think the above picture says it all. I just love my boys! Jeffy is the sweetest, cutest, baby in the whole world. I simply love it when he reaches to me for comfort or protection. He knows I'm his mommy and that I love him. And Jefffy has the best daddy in the whole world too. Jeff is always eager to help with Jeffy, mostly to play with him. It's obvious he loves his son very much. What a lucky gal I am!

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