Sunday, July 13, 2008

Musical Meeting Extraordinaire

We had an interesting sacrament meeting today. I guess there weren't any talks lined up, but instead of just calling on random people like Bishops sometimes do, we had something similar to a Testimony Meeting, where members got up, said what their favorite hymn was and why, and everyone sang that song. I've heard of wards doing this before, but this was my first experience with it. I thought it was so cool! There were so many people who wanted to share, we started by singing all four verses of the chosen hymns, then we went down to the first and the last, then ended with just singing the first. And the cool thing was that it wasn't just s participating. We had youth and primary children get up there too. One little boy said "I Need Thee Every Hour" was his favorite hymn because his mom sang it to him every night. It was a cool meeting. I think music is a very powerful tool in the gospel, and that was reaffirmed to me today. It was great to hear people's experiences with the hymns and sing them together as a ward. I think it brought the ward closer in a new way.

But, I did feel sorry for the music people-having so many songs to play/conduct on the spur of the moment. As a ward organist, that would have been my worst nightmare! (Go Mom! :))


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I think I had a sacrament meeting like that once and it was my favoritest sacrament meeting EVER. I so want to do it again someday.

My mom is the ward organist too. she would have run from the chapel screaming ;)

Adam, Sarah, Kevin and Aaron said...

We had something similar to this too. We did it in the student ward and it was also a really good experiance. I love those. I think they should have one in the ward i am in now! :)

The Taylor's said...

I wish I can attend to a sacrament meeting like that.I bet that was pretty cool..By the way thank's for leaving a comment on our blog page.I love to read your blogs..don't worry you can stalk our blog whenever you want.. :)Have a safe trip to Utah.