Monday, July 14, 2008

Jeffy's First Portrait Session

Today Jeff and I took Jeffy to get professional portraits taken. At first, I was rather hesitant, thinking that maybe we should try to do some ourselves--and Jeff just downright didn't want to bother--but we both were glad we did.

He was such a good little boy! And we had a good photographer who was able to get Jeffy to smile really big for every picture. He took most of them in an adorable little red, white, and blue polo that looked great. Then we took some little bathtub pictures and those were great too! We had a hard time picking which ones to order because they were all so cute!! Of course we ended up buying more than we intended to, but we got a really good price so we both felt good about it. It'll be about two weeks before the hard copies come in, so we might have to have my folks pick them up for us if we're gone already. We get online access to them in about 10 days, so we'll post some then. We got copies for our parents and grandparents, so as soon as we get them, we'll pass them along!

Overall, it went very well and I'm super excited to see the final portraits! :)


Adam, Sarah, Kevin and Aaron said...

Our first portrait session with Kevin was really good too. He is such an active kid but the photographer handled it so well and just took his attention. It worked really well! Glad you had a similar experiance. I am excited to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love baby portraits. My nephew just got his one years done today... exciting stuff!