Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Hunky Husband

Yesterday was Jeff's 24th birthday. Yay for Jeff! I love him with all my heart and am so grateful that he chose me as his companion. I think he is the best man I have ever met.

We had a fun day. I made his favorite dinner and we had cake and ice cream with my family. We have lots of birthday traditions and it was fun to do it with Jeff. One thing we do is tell the story of the birthday person's birth before they blow out their candles, so I got a great story from his mom. We also have a special song before the traditional "Happy Birthday." One of my favorite traditions is the gift giving. Everyone sits in a circle and the birthday kid spins a bottle to see who gives their present. As each person gives the present, they say one reason why they like that person. It's always fun to hear what the little kids have to say! I think Jeff enjoyed it. My parents got him gift certificates for dinner and a movie for the two of us and Jeff is super excited about that. He had a great birthday. I should post some pictures.

I'm going to make a list of things I love/appreciate about him and add to it whenever I think of another one. Here goes:

*He loves Jeffy
*He wants lots of kids
*He gets along with my family
*He tries hard to become even better
*He's the perfect height for me
*He's intelligent
*He forgives me . . . a lot
*He tells me I'm beautiful
*He's handsome!
*He makes me want to be a better person
*He writes me notes
*He wants to go on missions with me
*Anything he does, he does well
*He can fix just about anything I can break
*He loves his parents and siblings
*He thinks our baby is the cutest in the world
*He enjoys intelligent conversation
*He knows enough about politics for the two of us
*My younger brothers just adore him
*He can dance
*He takes his responsibilities as a husband and father very seriously
*He likes being outside
*He can make be laugh
*My parents like him a lot
*He can answer just about any question I ask him
*He used to help me with my homework
*He likes to read and discuss stories with me
*He's kind
*He thinks of others' feelings
*He isn't afraid of hard work
*He gives me a reality check when I need it . . .
*But he'll dream with me too
*He likes surprising me with flowers
*He's a very involved daddy
*I know he loves me
*He understands things
*He'll talk with me
*He does laundry and dishes!
*He likes to make me yummy dinners

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