Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th in Washington DC

Jeff and I got to go into Washington DC for the 4th of July! How fun! I was so excited to be in the Nation's Capitol on the day we celebrate our freedom! We did lots of fun things. We watched a parade, went to some museums, got soaked in the rain, ate some ice cream, walked a million miles all over the mall, and got so pooped we came home before the fireworks even started. Weak, I know. My feet were me and we were getting tired of being wet. I don't know if they even did the fireworks or if they were postponed. Oh well! It was a great day and I loved being in DC. I've never seen so many patriotic people in one place. It was awesome! Some people were just there, but most people were decked out in brilliant red, white, and blue. It was awesome! I love this country and the ideas it's founded on. I'm grateful for the many people who have fought for it--the ones who have physically fought to keep it free, and the ones who fight to keep it moral. I'm excited to join the forces that protect the USA, and will try my best to be worthy of that protection!

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