Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a Sweetheart!

We got electronic copies of Jeffy's portraits. They are sooo cute! Here are some of my favorites.

This one is my all-time favorite.

Can't tell really well, but the blue really brought out his eyes.

What a smile!

Cute little shirt, huh? Thanks Gramma!

I just love this little guy.

He really liked eating that sponge.

Hee hee.

He smiled for every picture! What a great kid.

I'm telling you--he loved that sponge!

Just relaxin' in the tub.

P.S. Don't copy and print these please. They're copyrighted. Thanks.


Laura said...

Check him out! he gets cuter and cuter! I love it.

Natalie said...

So he's basically the cutest kid in the history of the planet! I'm proud to be related to this little guy...

The Taylor's said...

I love his pictures especially the one when he was trying to eat the sponge and yet he had this big smile..he is definitely a cutie...

Anonymous said...

What great portraits! My favorites are the bath time ones!

Adam, Sarah, Kevin and Aaron said...

These pictures turned out reallly Good Bethany!! They are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are *awesome* - I wish Toby's pics had turned out as cute! We had them done today and he was not pleased with us :)