Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're back!

We made it. We're still alive after two days in a cramped car with a six-month old. Wahoo! We're now in Stockton, Utah, a tiny little town about 6 miles outside Tooele, which is 35 miles west of Salt Lake City, I think. It's very different from where my parents live, and I have to admit, I just love the west. Yay for no humidity! :) I really grew attached to the west when we lived in Arizona.

We're living with Jeff's mom and dad, and so far things have been great. It's fun to watch Jeffy get reaccquainted with his dad's side of the family. Jeff has two siblings very close by, with another just a few hours away. And I have two sisters in Provo right now and once Natalie flies back, there'll be three! It's nice to have family close by. I just wish the rest of my family were out here too. Jeff's sister, Emily, and her family should be coming this weekend. I'm excited for Jeffy to play with his only cousin. He's a lot more interactive now than the last time he and Clara were together, so it should be fun!

Right now we're job hunting and moving in. We have to figure out what to do with all our stuff that's in storage in Idaho and get all that settled. I'm excited to be here and for the adevntures that lie ahead. (Or is it "lay?" I can never get that one straight. So much for being an English major!)


Anonymous said...

Good work, guys. I get whiny after only a few hours in the car... poor Andy.

Have fun getting settled! Are you guys staying put there until Jeff ships out?

Adam, Sarah, Kevin and Aaron said...

Hey Bethany you are near Tooele. That is where Quanda and them just moved. He is teaching a school there. You should look them up. I will email you their address if you want it! Just a thought! You can show up at their door or something.

Natalie said...

I'm glad you guys got there safely. I still check your blog, so keep posting so I can know what's going on in your lives! And btw, I picked up Jeffy's portraits today, I'll ship them to you guys probably on Saturday. They're so cute!! :)